It is important to note that some condos' bylaws or management may require the seller to provide an RPR, in this case, it would be mandatory to have one before selling the condo. Discuss with your agent your requirement to provide one prior to listing your property. 

In Alberta, a bareland condo is a type of condominium ownership where the owner only owns the land and not the buildings or improvements on it. In other words, a bareland condo is a parcel of land that is individually owned, but governed by a condominium corporation. This means that the owner of a bareland condo is responsible for maintaining their own property, but also shares in the responsibility and cost of maintaining common areas and facilities.

A bareland condo typically includes shared amenities such as recreational facilities, parks, and playgrounds, and may also have restrictions on what can be built on the land, such as size and style of the house. The owners of bareland condos have a right to vote and make decisions related to the condominium corporation.

Bareland condos are becoming more popular in Alberta, particularly in rural and semi-rural areas, as they offer a way to own land while still having access to shared amenities and services, and without the responsibility of maintaining an entire building or complex.


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