Let me begin this discussion with stating that at this time, there are no organzied education courses offered for the Condominium Document Review industry.

So it is difficult to use the word "professionally", I apologize for any confusion. That being sad, I do feel there are individuals who offer expertise in the field of condominium document review.

 I would like to add that reviewing the condo fee is typically not done by the reviewer you hire. Please ensure the condo fee on the offer is the correct amount you will be paying upon possession. 


The benefits of having condominium documents reviewed by an individual with expertise in this field include:

  • The benefits of having condominium documents reviewed include:
  • Ensuring compliance with municipal, provincial and federal laws and regulations.
  • Protecting your rights and interests as a homeowner or unit owner.
  • Identifying potential issues or conflicts with the condominium association or other unit owners.
  • Clarifying any ambiguities or misunderstandings in the language of the documents.
  • Improving transparency and accountability in the management of the condominium.
  • Assisting in the resolution of disputes and avoiding future legal disputes.
  • Providing peace of mind by ensuring that your condominium investment is secure.


In summary, having a review of your condominium documents can help ensure that your investment is protected and your rights as a unit owner are upheld.