Calgary at ChristmasAs I am writing this on November 30th, 2021 Calgary has no snow outside...yet! But walking around Calgary in the evening is feeling pretty special. It's like so many people have their lights and decorations up earlier than usual. We were thinking it must be everyone is trying to get it done before the snow, or our first cold snap. No matter what the excuse, it sure is a treat to go for a walk in the neighbourhoods and see all the lights sparkle. 

Many of us will be home for Christmas this year and are wondering what we will do for the holiday. I thought I would share with you the many places to go and things to do to enjoy Calgary this time of year.

First of all, need I mention that Calgary is within an easy hour to the Rocky Mountains. And we have the most fantastic views of them from most places in Calgary. And when we look to our majestic west, it is very clear their is snow on those mountains. And that just leads to a ton of activities one can enjoy in an hours ride. Skiing is open, hiking, snow shoeing, strolling around our closest international resort called Banff. Banff has so much to mention, but one of my favourite things to do their, any season (but winter is fantastic), is to relax in the hot springs. Of course they have gondolas, shopping, hikes, walks, river walks, and on and on. We are so lucky to be so close to Banff. 

Let's get back to Calgary. 

In Calgary, Christmas feels pretty special also. There are so many people putting together festivities of all kinds. From entertainment, special events, places to eat and drink, Christmas concerts, markets, displays of lights, theatre, caroling, outdoor skating, skiing and more. I don't think you could do it all in the whole month of December. But here are a few links if you want to try: