RPRIn Alberta, a Real Property Report (RPR) is not required by law when selling a property. However, it is common practice for sellers to provide an RPR to potential buyers as part of the sale process. It is also a representation made on the Offer to Purchase. An RPR is a survey of the property that shows the location of all structures on the property, as well as any encroachments or easements that may affect the property. The RPR provides important information about the property, including its size and boundaries, and can help to avoid disputes that may arise after the sale is completed.

Having an RPR is especially important if the property has any unusual features or characteristics, such as an irregularly shaped lot or a structure that is located near the property line. In these cases, an RPR can help to clearly define the boundaries of the property and avoid any disputes that may arise over the location of the property lines.

While an RPR is not required by law, many buyers and their lending institutions may require an RPR as a condition of the sale. By providing an RPR, sellers can help to make the sale process smoother and more efficient, and can avoid any potential delays or disputes that may arise. If a seller does not have an RPR, they may be required to obtain one before the sale can be completed.