Pending Sale

In Alberta, a seller is not legally required to disclose whether their property is conditionally sold. However, the sellers agent is required to submit the pending sale. The seller has the potion to stop all showings or allow further showing. At anytime, the Seller may accept a back up offer. It is generally considered good practice for a seller to be transparent and truthful about the status of their property during the sale process. If a seller has accepted a conditional offer on their property, they should inform potential buyers of this fact, as it will impact the buyer's ability to make an offer on the property.

In some cases, a seller may choose to continue to show the property and accept additional offers, even if they have a conditional offer in place. In these cases, the seller may choose to disclose the existence of the conditional offer to potential buyers, so that they are aware of the situation and can make informed decisions.

Ultimately, the decision to disclose the existence of a conditional offer is up to the seller, and will depend on their personal circumstances and the terms of the conditional offer. However, by being transparent and truthful about the status of their property, sellers can help to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings during the sale process.