I have now lived in Calgary for 31 years and have had nothing but a great life here. The city is affordable for any family and is community driven. I have grown to know Calgary as a great  place to be an entrepreneur and opportunity abundant if you are willing to open doors. Making connections is not difficult at all, many people try and get together whether to build networks or to relax socially. This for a populated city isn't found so easily . Calgarians are some of the friendliest, down to earth people in Canada. There is a work hard play hard mentality that keeps it feeling young and vibrant. 

To the west of Calgary are the majestic and scenic Rocky Mountains. Within 30-45 minutes you can be walking on the most beautiful walking paths or hiking up every level of mountains the world can offer. The aqua blue waters in our rivers and lakes are eye catching and dreamy. It is Calgary's play land full of activities including international resorts, food, tours, spas etc. It is an easy day away from the city. People from around the world make sure they come here just to say they've seen it. Lucky us, it is in our backyard. 

Calgary's communities are built from the late 1800's to the newest today. Although we only have a smaller selection of very old homes, we do have an abundant of homes for every family, from old inner city communities to suburbs. You can easily live in one of our surrounding cities from the North/West/East/South and still work in Calgary. Our inner city roads can connect your where you're with ease. 

Our city has the beautiful Bow River running through it along with the Elbow River. Each river can be used for fishing, canoeing and rafting. Along the rivers and all throughout the city are extensive walking paths. There are about 1000km worth and another 96km's of trails.  I would also like to mention that Calgary is the land of sun and big beautiful big blue skies.

Calgary is also home to great restaurants, cafes and some of Alberta's best craft brewery's. As other places may be noted for their wines Alberta is know for the best barley in the world. Our brewer's have a great advantage of being right here!

We know our city very well, if you want to ask us anything, please get in touch with.