Here are a few potential blog discussion topics for "Making Sense of Canada's Housing and Economy":

Examining the Factors Affecting Canada's Housing Market: What are the main drivers behind the current state of Canada's housing market? From demographic changes to policy decisions, there are many factors that can influence supply, demand, and affordability.

Understanding Economic Indicators and Their Impact on Real Estate: How do broader economic trends and indicators, such as interest rates, inflation, and GDP growth, impact the real estate market? What should buyers and sellers be aware of when it comes to these metrics?

Analyzing Regional Variations in the Canadian Housing Market: While Canada's housing market is often discussed as a whole, there can be significant variation between different regions and cities. What are some of the unique factors affecting housing markets in different parts of the country?

Examining the Relationship Between the Housing Market and the Broader Economy: How does the health of Canada's housing market impact the wider economy, and vice versa? What are some of the potential risks and benefits of a strong or weak housing market for different stakeholders?

Looking to the Future: Predictions and Projections for Canada's Housing Market: Given the current state of the housing market and broader economic landscape, what are some predictions or projections for how things may evolve in the coming years? What are some of the key uncertainties or risks to watch out for?

I want to share one of my favourite speakers for 2022, his name is Peter Zeihan. No one has made it all make sense so nicely about what is happening in our Canadian economy, housing and provinces as he. 

The following links are attached to Peter Zeihan's YouTube station:

Peter Zeihan - The End Of Canada "UNIMAGINABLE IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN"

Peter Zeihan: Canada’s 5 Problems 

Peter Zeihna's YouTube Channel offers worldwide insights. I hope you have the time to listen.