PermitsIf you are researching a home in Alberta, you can typically find information about permits and other building-related information by contacting the local municipality or city where the property is located. Here are some ways to access permit information in Alberta:

Contact the municipality: The first step is to contact the municipality or city where the property is located. They should be able to provide information about permits and inspections related to the property.

Online databases: Many municipalities have online databases that allow you to search for building permits and inspections. These databases may be available on the municipality's website or through a separate portal.

Alberta Municipal Affairs: The Government of Alberta's Municipal Affairs department provides a searchable database of building and electrical permits issued by municipalities in the province. The database covers the years 1998 to the present, and allows you to search by address or permit number.

Alberta Land Titles: If you have the legal land description for the property, you can search the Alberta Land Titles database to find information about the property's ownership and any registered encumbrances, such as liens or mortgages.

It's important to note that permit records may not always be complete or up-to-date, especially for older properties. If you have concerns about the property's construction or condition, you may want to consider hiring a professional home inspector or contractor to perform a more detailed inspection.