The Dower Act in Alberta affects married couples who own property in the province.

Dower ActThe act is designed to protects the rights of married individuals, particularly women, in the event of the death of their spouse or the sale of a family home.

Under the Dower Act, a spouse's consent is required for any sale, transfer, or mortgage of the family home. This applies even if the property is solely owned by one spouse. The act also provides a spousal homestead exemption, which means that a portion of the family home is exempt from seizure by creditors in the event of a bankruptcy or insolvency of one spouse.

The Dower Act applies to all married couples in Alberta, regardless of whether they were married in the province or in another jurisdiction. The act also applies to all types of property, including real estate, and can have significant implications for estate planning and property transactions.

It is important for individuals who own property in Alberta to be aware of the Dower Act and its implications for their property rights. Legal advice from a qualified lawyer should be sought to ensure that all legal requirements are met and to protect the rights of both spouses in the event of a property transaction or the death of a spouse.