Brenda Chute - Associate

Brenda Chute is a global relcation specialist. 

Our distinctly personalized service is designed to reduce stress, and improve the quality of life for the transferring executive and family.  In turn this allows the new hire to deliver value and innovation to their corporations sooner! 


​We at Global Relocation Solutions Inc. are poised to offer recruiters support when introducing "C Suite" candidates to a destination city that they are not familiar with.  Our role is to “sell the city”, and its amenities etc. to ensure the candidate has all the data they require to accept the position.  

Whether they are coming from other parts of Canada, cross border, or an international location, with our 25+ years’ experience we are prepared to assist with uniquely designed solutions. 


If the role is accepted, and, if a corporate assigned third party relocation company is not in place to assist the transfer, we are prepared to support the new hire.  With all the necessary resources at our fingertips, we are qualified to implement immediately a caring relocation strategy covering all the required components.




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