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Greater Calgary Real Estate is looking for quality Real Estate Agents who already have a business or are wanting and willing to build a GREAT real estate business that will last them their whole working career.

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Lead Generation

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New Realtor Program

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Pathway to Success

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As a full-service real estate company, we feel there is a shift in the way real estate is being praticed by real estate professionals. The practicing real estate agent no longer needs a brick and mortar office, and has evolved into a fairly technology savvy, mobile sales agent with less dependency on their location.

Virtually Secured Management System The Office

Our goal is to help make your business as efficient and profitable as possible. Our office is an on-line management system used to track listings, complete transactions, aid agents, folllow and pay commissions, trusts, meetings etc.

Transaction Management Your Transactions Made More Simple!

Our back office real estate solution is made up of just one solution. Not a bunch of Band-Aids holding many programs together in a precarious manner.We aren't missing any of the key pieces to make your back office puzzle come together either, we have a complete back office solution to take you all the way through the stages of a deal - from entering the listing into the system , right through to trust accounting and closing.

Deal Management Your Pocket Office - Individuals & Teams!

The most reliable and convenient way to load, store, edit, and share all of your documents. To help eliminate the need for overstuffed corporate offices where deals used to happen. We all know that more deals get done over kitchen tables than they do within closing room walls, so why not make those deals easier to process? Enter your deals on-line, have them reviewed to reduce your risk, get them approved by the brokerage, view active or archived deals anytime, performance reports for your own personal benefit, monthly and annual expense reports, so much more for YOU!

Conveyancing Your Transactions are Reviewed and Conveyed!

Once your deal is processed in our office it is then reviewed by the Broker in order to mitigate any potential problems that may arise. Once the deal has been through the Final Approval process, our conveyancing team ensures all parties involved in the contract have received all paperwork to finalize the deal.

General Liability Insurance Shielding You From Potential Risk!

A General Liability Insurance Policy will respond to defend, investigate and settle claims for damages caused by a negligent act that results in property damage or bodily injury to a third party. These types of claims are not covered by REIX. The claim doesn't have to have any merit; but still has to be defended. The Liability Insurance policy will fund these costs, as well as funding the "hold harmless and indemnity provisions" in the agency agreement entered into with a typical brokerage by each associate. Property can also be added to these policies for an additional premium to protect your office contents in your home or Brokerage office, or even while you are away from your office.

Company Meeting Meet Together and Online!

We are connected as a group, daily, to enhance our understanding of our industry, brainstorm ideas, find innovative ways to do business, and professional development. Have a question, ask anyone in our company. Our core learning is Know Your Contract!

Our Commission Programs 100% Commission Plan

As we know, most Realtors® have to consider their costs when looking for a real estate company. We ensure your costs stay low, while providing a great real estate brokerage. 3 plans to choose from to suit your needs. Our best plan being $150/month and 100% commission. Call for our info package.

What We Offer

Full Listing Automation (MLS®)
Membership to the Calgary Real Estate Board
Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
Email Campaign System
Transaction Management System
Document Management
Paperless System
Approved Branded Marketing
Complete Background Office
Broker Management
Finance Department
Branded Marketing Tools
Sales/Training Meetings in Person and Online
Social Events
Listing Syndication
Contract Review

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