Kate McInnis - Associate

Kate emerged out of a 20-year Oil and Gas career as a Quality Expert where attention to detail and preparation were the keys to her success.

Now in Real Estate, her ability to come to the table prepared, confident, and knowledgeable will make your home buying or selling experience flawless.

Kate always listens to understand and is able to represent the best interest of her client. Her strong negotiating skills, clear and direct communication style will ensure that she always delivers the best deal.

Aside from being a success oriented professional, Kate enjoys the beauty of Calgary and its surrounding area where she loves to hike and fish. 

Connect with Kate:

Website --> www.mcinnisrealestate.ca

Facebook --> https://www.facebook.com/mcinnisrealestate
Instagram --> https://www.instagram.com/mcinnisrealestate/
LinkedIn --> linkedin.com/in/katemcinnisqualityintegrity