Onboarding Checklist 

Business Transition

1. Paperwork: 

  • ID has been reviewed with the Broker/Manager
  • Contract execution w/ Greater Calgary Real Estate is completed
  • RECA New Licensee/Transfer/Reinstatement completion (if required)
  • Membership application completed for CREB New Member/Transfer/Reinstatement
  • Toole Peet Insurance Acceptance or Decline completed
  • Direct Deposit set up with our Finance department
  • Transfer - Termination of ESRA’s and EBRA’s with Relists for Greater Calgary, if required.


2. Information Requirements:

  • Social media pages you use for business? 
  • Social media pages (General)?
  • A bio (Short paragraph)
  • A professional photo
  • Multiple languages to share?
  • Certifications/designations?
  • Scan of your ID


3. Compliance & Greater Calgary Testing Platform

  1. Review GC.com internal office
  2. Greater Calgary’s Policy
  3. Fintrac Policy
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. NDNCL Policy
  6. Anti Spam Policy
  7. Privacy Policy
  8. Temporary Foreign Buyer’s Ban
  9. RECA’s Advertising Guidelines


  • Our testing platforms are required to be completed by all. We are challenged by legislators and regulators to prove we discuss and test our Policies with our associates. There are 7 platforms that will be sent out over a year. Each review/test will have 10 reviewed statements with 10 questions. All very easy. You must get 100%. You can resubmit until you get 100%. These are on Fintrac, NDNCL, Anti-Spam, Privacy, Greater Calgary’s Policy. It is up to and acting professionally for our associates to review and understand our company policies and to take the time to learn the above rules that guide you in your business. 
  • As of today, we are working on the NDNCL Policy education and testing. Please take this test now. 

4. Finance:

  • Monthly Payments - We do not accept credit cards. We accept direct deposit, EFT or personal cheques. We expect payment to be on time but if you have completed deals on our system, we will allow settling up once your commissions are paid out. 
  • Advances - We offer quick advances to anyone with a “firm approved” deal. Call Patrick Rafferty for details. 

5. Conducting Business: 

You will be added to these sites and/or will need to set up your account immediately. The links not supplied for the above sites will be emailed to you shortly. Please make sure to bookmark these sites, you will use them often.

  • Email Accounts - We offer Google Workspace email accounts for an extra $20/month. This will enable you to have a Your.Name@greatercalgaryrealestate.com address and access to all google workspace apps. 
  • Monthly Company Meetings Calendar

6. Deposit Delivery Options

  • RBC - We have a trust card ready for you. This card gives you the access to any RBC ATM to input a deposit. Have the buyer’s agent drop off the deposit to you, take a picture of the draft, use the card to deposit it at the ATM, keep the receipt, and send us pictures of the draft, receipt and which deal it is for. 
  • UPS Maildrop - Send the draft directly to us at our UPS secure maildrop at Box 206, 234 5149 Country Hills Blvd. NW, Calgary, AB | T3A 5K8, if so:
    • Ensure it is in an envelope with the following info inside: 
    • Name of our realtor 
    • Name of Buyers
    • Name of Sellers
    • Address of the deal at hand
  • Home Office (Secured Mailbox at Front Entrance)

440 Ranchridge Court NW, Calgary, AB | T3G 1W7

  • Ensure it is in an envelope with:
    • Name of our realtor 
    • Name of Buyers
    • Name of Sellers
    • Address of the deal at hand
  • Wire transfer or Direct Deposit - The form for this is on our company intranet under Resources. If you are choosing this method, please let Patrick Rafferty know the details. Add the transfer info/details to the transaction on Deal Manager. 
  • NO CASH - All deposits must be bank draft or wire/EFT. We do not accept cash or virtual currency. 

7. Communications & Contacts:

  • Company Meetings are every last Monday of the month. They are informative training meetings. The meetings are held online via  https://v.ringcentral.com/join/668111069/ They are also mostly video recorded. If you miss a meeting, it is your responsibility to ensure you have reviewed the material and understand it. It all gets posted onto our company intranet under Company Meetings. 

Company Mailing Address: 

  • Box 206, 234 5149 Country Hills Blvd. NW Calgary, AB | T3A 5K8

Business Hours:

  • We answer our phones from 9am to 9pm daily. Business hours are from 9am to 4:30pm. If you have a call that needs help right away, call as you need the help. 


8. Contact Info: